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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey. Beginning shortly before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we were encouraged by others to continue this work, helping people to build better lives through mindful living and using new skills. We started with a team intensively trained for over one year by Dr. Marsha Linehan's (creator of DBT) team.

DBT New Orleans Today

Operating continuously since it's inception, DBT New Orleans offers comprehensive treatment including all components. We make sure to stay true to Dr. Linehan's model because independent clinical research has shown it to be very effective.


Lee Hoffman, LCSW Director

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Renee Boyer, MA, ATR Co-Director

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Why Us?

Lee Hoffman, LCSW and Renee Boyer, MA, AtR have worked together in various settings for over 15 years.  Their differing approaches to psychotherapy are complimentary and add to effective treatment.  

Both clinicians remain committed to using DBT as one of the many tools in their skill sets because they have seen its effectiveness in treating their clients.

              DBT - IT WORKS!

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